Privacy Policy

Best Crappie privacy policy is very simple. Please read the following information to answer any questions you may have.

Best Crappie Images

All of the images on the Best Crappie website are private images. Featured images were either created by us, or signed over to the Best Crappie website. Please do not copy or save our images to personal devices or print without written permission.

You can share our images and stories on social media sites as long as the images do not leave our web pages.

Many of the images used have been release to us by the photographer. However, we do not have permission to give them away or sell them. Our permission is ONLY for publishing on Best Crappie.

Content Of Best Crappie Privacy Policy

Best Crappie has a lot of pride in our original content. Text featured in Best Crappie site has been created solely for Best Crappie fishing site.

So please do not copy our website text. If you would like to print a story or share it on social media you can. But please do not copy and paste any of our text.

Want Permission To Use Our Content Or Images?

Wanting to use images from Best Crappie, I’m sorry the answer is no. We do NOT ask for permission to sell or release images from the photographers.

If you are wanting to use our content, I’m sorry the answer is also NO.

The only exception to our content would be a product review. But those reviews are private and release to the person that sent in the product. Those reviews would not have been publish on Best Crappie. Private reviews can be published by other websites when the text is credited back to Best Crappie.