NY Crappie Fishing Regulations 2020

NY Crappie Fishing Regulations 2020

NY Crappie Fishing Regulations 2020

The State of New York can be fairly confusing on fishing regulations. We are going to go over NY crappie fishing regulations 2020. Daily limits, and fishing licence / permit.

There are many fishing regulations such as season and bag limits for specific fish species. We will only be covering crappie fishing regulations here.

You should abide by all New York fishing regulations at all times. If New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) catches you violating fishing regulations, you can get in serious trouble. Expensive fines are the most common results of fishing regulation violations. Some violations could result in jail time depending on the severity of the crime.

New York Crappie Fishing Season 2020

The State of New York has specific times that some fish can be kept. These regulations are in place simply to help fish have a chance to reproduce. They want to give the fish time to lay eggs, so that the population will not be endangered. If a fish out of season it is considered to be poaching.

Fortunately crappie fishing in NY is NOT restricted by season. Fisherman can enjoy catching crappie year round. A NY crappie fish recipe can be eaten any time of the year. The year round open season could change if crappies drop in population.

NY Crappie Size Regulations

In the State of New York the minimum size of crappie is 9″. If you catch a crappie measuring at least 9″ in NY you can keep the fish. This size limit is reasonable and a full inch smaller than Texas crappie fishing limit of 10″.

If you catch a crappie that less than 9″ in NY, you MUST release the fish back into the water. If you wanted to take a picture or weigh the fish, it should be fine. As long as you release the crappie within a reasonable amount of time, no crappie violation should be warranted.

Daily Catch Limit

The daily bag limit for crappie is fairly standard. Any fisherman can keep up to 25 crappie. This is a per person limit.

So if there are 3 fisherman fishing, they can have up to 75 crappies without violating NY regulations.

Be careful not to violate the New York crappie bag limit. If you have more than the 25 crappie limit, you can get fined for each additional fish. These stiff fines are NO JOKE.

New York Fishing Permit

New York does require fisherman to have a valid fishing permit. Kids as young as 16 years old are also required to have a fishing licence. The fishing permit is fairly inexpensive, and some fisherman can also get discounts.

You can get your New York Fishing Licence here.

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5 thoughts on “NY Crappie Fishing Regulations 2020

  1. This year has been a bad year for upstate NY crappie fishing. A lot of the ice fishing competitions are being canceled due to lacking of ice.
    Its a family tradition for us to sit around a hole 1 weekend every year. We have not been able to catch a good tournament anywhere this year.

  2. I moved to New York for a job, but I’m from Texas. The crappie fishing is really different here than back home. The people also dont seem to make a day out of it like they do back home either.
    Just thinking about all of those Texas fish frys is making me home sick.

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