Fish Cleaning Table For Crappie

Fish Cleaning Table For Crappie

Fish Cleaning Table For Crappie

Every crappie fisherman needs a good fish cleaning table for crappie. I’m going to go over specific things to look for in a fish cleaning table.

This information is particularly more useful for someone that may be looking for crappie fishing gifts. If you know a crappie fisherman in a need of a special gift, a fish table is perfect. A fish cleaning table is a less common gift within a reasonable gift budget.

What You Need To Know

First you will need to think about how the fisherman would use the fish table. Of instance, if the table was going camping then a portable table would be best.

If the table was likely going to be set up and left stationary, then you can go for a sturdy bigger version. These stationary fish cleaning tables are usually more expensive. Being that the gift is more pricey, its better for dad, husband or grandpa. *Or grandma*.

If your just buying a gift for lets say a neighbor or friend, then you may not want to spend too much for a fish cleaning table. A less expensive portable table may be more appropriate.

Once you have a general idea of what you may be looking for, you can move on to pick the right table.

Great Fish Cleaning Table Options On Amazon

Crappie Size Your Fish Table

Most crappie that make it home for cleaning are generally less than 18″. When picking a fish cleaning table for a crappie fisherman, you really do not need a giant sink.

Since most crappie will be less than 18″ in length, you can stay with a sink about 18″ or less. The fish will rinsed and cleaned in the sink. There really is no need for a commercial size fish sink.

Stick to a smaller sink.

Most Important Crappie Sink Features

The thing about crappie is that there is rarely just 1 fish caught. Crappie are schooling fish, so if 1 is caught – there will likely be a few more in the basket. It’s just part of crappie fishing.

So when it comes time to clean those crappie, you bet they will be cleaned in numbers.

I highly recommend a crappie fish cleaning sink with some work space. There are many fish cleaning sinks that offer some kind of bar or table attached to the sink.

If you can find a smaller sink with a large table, these is perfect for crappie. 

As the fish are cleaned they can be lined up on the table. We do this every time we go fishing. We line up our cleaned fish to take pictures. I’m sure that we are not the only fishermen that post fish pics online.

The Perfect Fish Table Height

Yes, I feel we should go over the best fish table height. Of course most fish tables are made to fit any average size person. If the user is average height, then you should have ZERO problems with height.

A good table height can make cleaning crappie easy and or fun. A poor table height could cause back pain or exhaustion. The table is meant to make fishing cleaning easier, so a good height is very important.

What about for a BIG AND TALL? There are fish cleaning tables with adjustable legs, you just need to look for that feature. It may be called “leg extension” or maybe “telescoping legs” the table could even be labeled for “TALL” people. These special tables can extend up or down a foot or so if needed. See An Adjustable Fish Table On Amazon Here

The handicap fisherman may also need special height for their table. For example is a fisherman that is dependent on a wheelchair. Much like all of the other tables that person may need – the fish cleaning table will also need to be the same wheelchair height. Look for a “handicap accessible” table. Unfortunately there were not too many available options for an – See 1 wheelchair table option on Amazon here

Water Supply For The Fish Cleaning Table

I mentioned before, there are usually a large quantity of crappie cleaned at once. A lot of water will be needed to clean the fish properly. The process of cleaning a bunch of fish could take more than 10 gallons of water most of the time.

A hose feed sink would be my first choice for crappie cleaning. A water hose can offer an endless supply of water for the dirty deed. See this hose fed fish sink on Amazon here

I really wouldn’t even consider any other method of water supply for crappie. The only other better water supply for a crappie cleaning sink – would be to connect it directly to home plumbing.

If the water supply is limited the fisherman will likely have to refill the water storage container multiple times before all of the fish are cleaned. Stopping to get water, could turn into an inconvenient task of its own. They may decide that its easier to avoid using the sink all together.

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1 thought on “Fish Cleaning Table For Crappie

  1. I came here and read this information when I was deciding which fish cleaning table to buy.

    We have a lake house with a pier that holds our boat ect. So I wanted a table for my dock so I could go straight from the boat to clean the fish on the shore.
    I finally decided to go with the Magma brand table. It has a fish ruler on the table and holds the water hose and knives. There is an option table cover, but we did not get that. We just fold it down when not in use.
    I’ve been happy with my table so far. We have had it for 6 months now without any issue. Looks just like the day we installed it even today. Probably last us for years.
    Here is a link to the table we bought.

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