Do Crappie Fish Bite People? Can Crappie Eat Humans?

Do Crappie Fish Bite People Can Crappie Eat Humans

Do Crappie Fish Bite People? Can Crappie Eat Humans?

Yes, there are some people that ask these crazy questions.

  • Do Crappie Fish Bite People?
  • Can Crappie Eat Humans?

Just as odd as the questions the answer will blow your mind. YES, a crappie fish can and will bite and eat a human being. It’s very true, if given a chance and the conditions were right.

Why Crappies Will Bite People

Crappie are aggressive freshwater fish. This particular fish has a diet based on opportunity. This means that the fish will eat almost anything if is given the chance.

Male crappies tend to be fierce protectors of the eggs left behind by the females. Their natural instinct is to kill any type of threat near their crappie nest. These facts can not be disputed.

What Makes Crappie Bite A Human?

Technically when a crappie bites a human, there is no bite per se. Crappie do not have teeth, so it would be more like a nibble. The fish just does not have the equipment to rip flesh from the human body. That does not mean that the fish will not try its best.

Crappie are also top feeders. For a crappie to bite a human, the body part would need to be submerged in the water but above the crappie’s head.

The fish is also attracted to movement. As long as the body part is attached to a living person, movement is not unheard of. People are almost always moving especially when in a body of water.

Let me explain how this could happen. Lets say someone is sitting on a dock barefoot. Then they decided to sit on the edge and soak their feet. It would be more likely to happen to someone dipping their finger tips in a lake, but toes can also be bitten.

Under What Conditions Would A Crappie Eat A Human?

There are some extreme circumstances that can lead to crappie eating human flesh. The fish can and will eat a person under the right conditions.

These conditions are extreme and extremely rare, but it is a fact that crappie can do it.

Crappies will eat anything that that fits in their mouth. Now lets get down to how this could happen.

What are the facts?

  • Crappie are top feeders
  • They eat anything that fits in their mouth
  • Movement encourages the fish to bite

So just imagine this:

A person somehow has a small body part severed from their body. I finger, toe or even a small piece of flesh from their torso. Then this human body part is sinking into a fresh water lake were crappie live. What Can Happen?

To make this even more probable, lets also imagine that a fisherman on a pier is cutting up bait. Then the fisherman accidentally cuts off a portion of their finger. The finger fall through the pier into the water. Hundreds of crappie live and nest under piers.

As long as the human flesh is bite size for the fish, it will be eaten and digested.

Can A Crappie Attack Kill Someone?

Crappies are not poisonous and they do not have teeth. There is no reason to worry about a crappie killing a person.

But you know there is always going to be some kind of special circumstance to how it COULD happen. I am no doctor and I have never heard of someone dying from a crappie attack.

The only way I can even think of this happening is by surprise. You know, the overall shock of a crappie bite. If the person had some kind of medical condition, technically a fish bite could kill someone. Maybe it brings on a hart attack or something to that result.

I can see someone getting scared or go into some kind of shock if they felt a crappie nibble. I don’t think that the actual cause of death would be determined as a crappie attack.

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