Crappie Makes Appearance In Tichigan Lake Ice Fishing Tournament

Crappie Makes Appearance In Tichigan Lake Ice Fishing Tournament

Crappie Makes Appearance In Tichigan Lake Ice Fishing Tournament

It was a great surprise to me that a small crappie makes appearance in Tichigan Lake ice fishing tournament. The actual name of the fishing tournament is “Tichigan Lake Lions Club Ice Fishing Jamboree”.

The Lions club holds an annual ice fishing jamboree with multiple prizes. Winners will catch a variety of fish by drilling holes in the area lakes.

The fish winner show board was ready to features winners with Northern, Walleye, Bass, Bluegill, Rough Fish, Crappie, and Perch. In the end there were only 3 fish caught for the tournament this year. This years tournament was held on Saturday January 4, 2020.

  • 2 Bluegill
  • 1 Crappie

Many of the fisherman ditched the ice fishing because there wasn’t really any ice to speak of.

We want to give a large applause to those fisherman that did participate in this ice fishing tournament. To sit out in the freezing temps on the lake to only catch 1 fish is tough. Those are some fishermen with serious determination.

Unfortunately we were not there on the Wisconsin lake for the fishing tournament. We got our information from news reports and Facebook. I looked, but could not get the weights or measurements for the tournament’s winning fish. BUMMER.

More About Tichigan Lake Lions Club

The Tichigan Lake Lions Club’s facebook profile says the the club was started in 1969. It a typical community club serving the Tichigan Lake area. I did read on their wall that this is likely a men’s club, but I’m sure that their events include family and friends of members.

The Lions Club is fairly active with events and seems to have a strong connection with the community. I did see pictures of their event center and its very nice and extremely well kept. Kudos to the Lions Club.

If you are in the Tichigan Lake area, you may want to check the Lions Club out.

Tichigan Lake

The Tichigan Lake is in the State of Wisconsin. Its located in far northern United States just below Canada. The winter temperatures are normally freezing, so ice fishing is really popular.

Tichigan Lake covers 279 acres of land, so its fairly small compared to some of the other lakes we have featured. It does have waters up to 63 feet deep. Even with its smaller size and normally ice covered water, its a great fishing spot for crappie.

Other Popular Lake Fish Are

  • Largemouth Bass
  • Crappie
  • Northern Pike
  • Walleye
  • Catfish
  • Smallmouth Bass
  • Trout
  • Northern Pike

Directions to Tichigan Lake

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