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Crappie is a really good fish for eating. There are a number of way to cook crappie. There are also a whole bunch of crappie recipes to choose from. Facts are is that crappie is a wholesome meat fish packed with nutrition. It’s even all that much healthier, that the crappies come from local fresh waters.

Can You Eat Crappie Raw
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Can You Eat Crappie Raw?

Some may wonder if you can eat crappie raw. In a short direct answer: YES. Crappie is a fish and there are many ways to enjoy raw fish for a meal. Eating raw fish is extremely healthy and loaded with…

Deep Fried Crappie
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Basic Mexican Style Crappie Fish Recipe

Today we are going to go over a simple way to to cook up some crappie. This is a basic Mexican style crappie fish recipe. Its one of the first ways we started cooking crappie for the first time in…