Best Places To Fish For Crappie In Texas

Best Places To Fish For Crappie In Texas

Best Places To Fish For Crappie In Texas

Everyone wants to know where the best places to fish for crappie in Texas are. We went to 344 armature and professional crappie fishing pros to find out.

We asked 344 fisherman and women – “Where is the best place to catch crappie in Texas?”

All of the men and women we spoke to had their own crappie advise to share. Every time a fishing spot was suggested we gave it 1 vote. Of course the best places to fish for Crappie in Texas will be the fishing spot with the most votes. That means that fishermen and women have had some great crappie catches at that fishing hole.

We are going to do a countdown to reveal the best spot to catch crappie in Texas. The best and most voted crappie fishing spot will be at the end of our list. You can find the best crappie fishing spot in the State of Texas at the bottom of this page.

If you would like to add some good fishing spots to our list, you can do that in the comment section below.

Honourable Mentioned Texas Waters

These crappie fishing holes were voted for, but did not get enough to be the best. Even though they are not the best, they stood their ground with the fisherman. There have been lots of crappie fished out of these Texas waters.

With 344 fisherman surveyed these fishing spots each received 27 votes for being one of the best places to fish for crappie in Texas. That’s right around 8% of the grouped agreed that these are some great fishing spots.

North Texas

  • Coffee Mills Lake
  • Lake J.B. Thomas
  • Lake Kickapoo
  • Lake Meredith
  • Lake Texoma

South Texas

  • Diversion Lake
  • Little Cypress Creek
  • San Jacinto River
  • Pecan Lake
  • Lake Houston

West Texas

  • Lake Alan Henry
  • Canyon Lake
  • O.C. Fisher Lake
  • Twin Buttes Reservoir
  • O.H. Ivie Lake

Central Texas

  • Hubbard Creek Reservoir
  • Joe Pool Lake
  • Lake Bridgeport
  • Belton Lake
  • E.V. Spence Reservoir

East Texas

  • Purtis Creek State Park
  • Toledo Bend Reservoir
  • Lake Tyler
  • Lake Jacksonville
  • B.A. Steinhagen Reservoir

These are only a few of the many Texas lakes that received  27 votes for being the best places to catch crappie in Texas. Lets move on to the more popular fishing spots.

More Crappie Fishing Lakes In Texas

All of these Texas lakes were voted for 53 times. That’s almost 15% of the fishing enthusiast we spoke to. These are some of these best choices for Texas vacation spots, if you want to do some family fishing.

  • Lake Livingston
  • Proctor Lake
  • Lake Conroe – Fishing tournaments available, contact Stow-A-Way Marina for details
  • Richland Chambers Reservoir – Fish include: white bass, hybrid stripped bass, blue catfish, channel catfish, large mouth bass, crappie, small mouth buffalo, and carp
  • Lake Tawakoni – Named after the Tawakoni Indians part of the Caddo Indian Nation
  • Choke Canyon Lake
  • Lake Limestone
  • Lake Texana – Brackenridge Recreation Complex offers a list of upcoming events in the area. Check It Out
  • White Rock Lake
  • Lake Arrowhead
  • Lake Grapevine
  • Lewisville Lake – Located in Denton County, Texas. These waters cover almost 30,000 acres and have depths of up to 67 feet.
  • Lake Palestine
  • Wright Patman Lake – Entry points include: Herron Creek, Jackson Creek, Overcup Park, Overlook, Piney Point, Spillway Park, Sportsman’s Cove, Sulphur River, and Thomas Lake Ramp
  • Lake Travis
  • Cooper Lake
  • Eagle Mountain Lake
  • Lake Caddo – In parts of Harrison and Marion Counties in Texas. It also stretches into Caddo Parish in Louisiana.
  • Lake Corpus Cristi – Previously known as Lake Lovenskiold and is often called Lake Mathis. Fish Include: crappie, white bass, catfish, largemouth bass, sunfish, bluegill, and alligator gar
  • Lake Kemp
  • Navarro Mills Lake – Fish Include: white bass, channel catfish, crappie. On June 30, 1986 Shane Stewart set the current flathead catfish record of 50″ weighing at 61 pounds

There is a lot of excitement around these Texas waters. Fun events are happening year round at all of these well known vacation spots.

Next To Best Crappie Fishing Spots

We are getting higher on the countdown to find the best places to fish for crappie in Texas. These hot fishing waters all got 80 votes for being the best for crappies. That’s almost 24% of the 344 we spoke with. This is when fishing starts getting real good.

Here We Go!
  • Cedar Creek Lake – The recorded fish caught in Cedar Creek was a 166 pound 86″ alligator gar. The fish was caught while bow fishing by Steve Woodruff on June 24, 2005. See all fishing records
  • Somerville Lake – The biggest recorded fish in this lake was a 94 pound blue catfish. This record was set November 24, 2015 by Leonard Bloom Sr. He was using shad for bait for that record fish. Get Directions
  • Toledo Bend – Fish Include: largemouth bass, catfish, crappie, white bass, stripped bass, and sunfish. See current fishing report
  • Ray Roberts Lake Texas State Park – This lake has both white and black crappie, but there are more white crappie than black. The lake is stocked with bass every 3-5 years. See the current stocking report
  • Stamford Reservoir – This lake has very few really great size fish with current records. There is a lot of room to set new fishing records at this lake. See the current records

Top 4 Best Places To Fish For Crappie In Texas

Now we are getting to the very best places to fish for crappie in Texas. There are only 4 more lakes on our countdown. We spoke with 344 fisherman and women familiar with Texas fishing and these are the best places to fish.

Tided In The # 3 Spot

There were 2 Texas lakes that tided in the #3 spot for best crappie fishing. There have been thousands of crappie fished out of both of these lakes over the years. Many successful fishing trips and happy family vacations are credited to both of these locations.

Each of these two lakes received a total of 106 votes for being the best place to fish for crappie in Texas. These 106 votes count for almost 31% of our 344 asked. 

  • Granger LakeGet Directions. This is a somewhat small lake compare to others on our list. This lake covers just a little more that 4,000 acres of land. Popular fish in this lake are white bass, crappie and catfish. The crappie record for this lake is a 16″ white crappie weighing in at 4 pounds. It was caught on February 12, 2016 by Patrick Buchhorn using a dead minnow for bait. See the current records
  • Lake ForkGet Directions. This lake has a variety of fish for catching. Largemouth bass, white crappie, black crappie, channel catfish, white bass, and sunfish are the most popular catches. This lake has a record black crappie being an 18″ 4 pound catch. The record white crappie is also sitting at 18″ and 4 pounds. Both crappies were caught using a rod and reel. One was caught with a minnow and the other was caught with a jig. See the current records

Second Best Place To Fish For Crappie In Texas

Don’t let second place fool you on our top lake picks. There are an estimated 7,000 lakes in Texas, and this lake has been voted to the second place by 344. The lake received a total of 133 votes for having the best crappie fishing. Those 133 votes count for nearly 40% of the fishermen we talked to. 

This is some serious crappie fishing

Some of you may have already known

Lake O The PinesGet Directions. This East Texas lake is more like Crappie Heaven. We fished at this lake in one of the many creek feeding the lake, and caught a basket full of crappie. Tall pine trees for shade and blocking the wind, making for a perfect fishing trip. 

This lake is full of fish like: largemouth bass, spotted bass, blue catfish, channel catfish, flathead catfish, white bass, crappie, sunfish, chain pickerel. We had our luck fishing for crappie in a wood creek only feet from the main lake. We personally have not tried fishing from the pier or a boat.

The current crappie record for this lake is 18″ set on October 1, 2018. Alan Holcomb caught this 18″ crappie while jigging. See the current records.

The BEST Place To Fish For Crappie In Texas

After many hours of discussion and debates we have the best place to fish for crappie in Texas. We spoke with 344 fisherman and women all over the state and they all had suggestions and advise. 

This #1 place for crappie fishing received a total of 159 votes for being the absolute best. That’s almost 47% of everyone we asked. They all said this lake was the best.

Sam Rayburn Reservoir is the winner for best place for crappie fishing in Texas.

This massive lake covers almost 115,000 acres. Its located far East Texas between Lufkin and Jasper, Texas. Get Directions.

Since the lake is so big, there are multiple business that cater to fishing tourist, family vacations and professional fisherman. You really can not go wrong by visiting the Sam Rayburn Reservoir.

Popular fish in the lake are: largemouth bass, crappie, catfish, and white bass

The lake record for crappie was set on May 1, 2007 by Ricky Ethridge. He was fishing with a 1/8oz jig and snagged his record breaking crappie. He fished a 17″ black crappie weighing and estimated 2 pounds. See the current fishing records 

Well there you go.

We wanted to know where to get the best crappie in Texas and that’s exactly what we did. It was a lot of work to get all of this information together. 

We hope you enjoy our hard work. Hopefully it will help settle disputes or win a few bets with the fishing buddies. 

If you want to share a good fishing hole for crappie, you can share in the comment section below. We sure would like to know where people are getting some good catches.

There will be more informational reports just like this one soon.

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