Best Campsite Chair For A Fisherman

Best Campsite Chair For A Fisherman

Today is going to be dedicated to the best campsite chair for a fisherman. This all started today around lunch time when a fishing buddy invited us to eat a crappie lunch. Our fishing buddy Larry went on and on about his favorite chair. He said that his wife and daughter gave it to him as a gift.

First Impressions Of The Camping Chair

Being that our family is plus size, the chair certainly did not seem all that great. It looks small and fragile. Larry is much smaller that our 200 pound plus weight.

The bottom was supported by 4 legs, but they were framed weird. All four legs came together into a single support directly under the chair. So it looked more like a single leg supported all of the weight.

Quad Pod Legs On Fishing ChairBest Campsite Chair For A Fisherman

Then the seat of the chair is made of the light weight polyester material. It wasn’t so much of a fabric, but more like a parachute material. This also looked to be fairly week for our large frames.

There was also some flappy side addition that was waving around in the wind when we saw it. It really looked like an actual flag attached to the chair. Since we were on the lake and getting 18 hour winds, that flag was just a blowing everywhere.

Larry Promised Us This Is His Favorite Camping Chair

Juan really did not want to try the chair because of the way it looked. Larry told him its a strong chair and to go ahead. So Juan sat his 230 pound body in this fragile chair.

The chair held up. The chair did not creak, squeak or bend out of shape. Juan liked the feel, so he leaned back. To his surprise, the chair tilted back and Juan sat back up. OF COURSE LARRY SEEN JUAN FREAK OUT.

Larry then went on about how the chair was a “reclining chair”. The chair has some kind of swivel just above that fragile pole support under the seat.

Unbelievable Reclining Camping Chair

I wasn’t too interested in the chair until it amazed me. This little bit of nothing chair, just reclined with Juan’s 230 pound body weight. Best of all is that Juan was still able to get himself out of the chair. We didn’t have to pick him up off the ground either.

I also noticed that all of this happened on uneven camping ground. I thought that for sure Juan was going to completely trash Larry’s favorite camping chair, but it survived. The chair will actually rotate 360 degrees and recline.

This camping chair is a lot stronger that we thought.

More About This Camping Chair

I decided that this camping chair deserved to be shared on our crappie site. I started taking pictures of the chair and looking at it closer. The floppy flag material attached to the side of the chair are pockets. The chair user can put their cell phone, keys, and anything else into those pockets. This makes using the chair all that much better.

There are 2 pockets on this chair. One pocket is large and the other is the perfect size to hold a drink.

You can actually get all comfortable and relax for a long period of time, and not have to get up for something. You wont need to, because all of your stuff can pack into those side pockets.

Then the lack of additional support and thick fabric make this chair super light weight. Moving this chair around is quick and easy. No latches, screws or hitches. Just a simple fold design. Fold and Go…

Where To Get One Of These Crazy Great Campsite Chairs

I wanted to share information about where someone could get one of these chairs. Unfortunately, I could not find it available for sale online. Larry said that his wife and daughter gave the chair to him last year, and that they bought it in a Walmart store. He also told me that they bought his “favorite camping chair” for less than $20 at Walmart. WOW!

I’m thinking that the camping chair is probably an older model and no longer for sale.

Next best thing is to provide some similar portable chairs. The brand name of this camping chair is “Magellan Outdoors”. You can find other chairs by this maker on Amazon and at the Academy Sport And Outdoors stores.

So the next camping chair that we buy will likely be a Megellan brand chair. I really like that this chair that we tried has been used for a year and it still held up to our testing.

User Friendliness Of The Best Campsite Chair For A Fisherman

Larry went on to tell me that there have been times that he has wondered off to sleep in his camping chair. He said that he just remembers just sitting there, then waking up from a nap.

Larry takes the chair on overnight fishing trips, but he didn’t say anything about using it for fishing. From what I gather, he prefers to use the Megellan chair at the campsite & not on the fishing docks.

Larry & his camping buddy Brian both agree that this chair get 2 thumbs up. I’m actually surprised that Larry lets all of his fishing buddies use his favorite chair.

We think that this is by far the best campsite chair for a fisherman. With seeing the chair and action and Larry’s remarks, its hard to deny.

Even more than the chair being the best, it also appears to be the biggest value per dollar. This chair was bought for less than $20 at Wally World.

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3 thoughts on “Best Campsite Chair For A Fisherman

  1. Do you think that chair would support a 300 pound weight?
    I have been looking for a heavy duty folding chair for big men. I would like to give this chair a try.
    If you find out who still sells this chair can you share who sells it?
    You said that this one was bought at walmart so I will take this picture to our walmart – maybe they will have more in the spring?

  2. Thats a cool gift from his ladies. It does look kinda skimpy though. Is it still in one piece? It looks like yall put the chair through some big boy testing.
    I didnt see any beer in the cup holder – Whats up with that?

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