About Best Crappie

Best Crappie is a collaboration of crappie fishing information from a variety of fisherman. Our family goes fishing at least 3 times a week. Honestly if we try to make it to the lake daily when weather allows. Keep reading to learn more about Best Crappie Fishing.

What You Will Find On The Best Crappie Fishing Website

While doing our own crappie fishing, we always make new fishing buddys. We have met hundreds of amateur fishermen from all over the world while fishing. Of course each one of those fisherman have stories, tricks and inside of the best way to catch some biggest crappie.

Lets not forget all of the “new best way to fish”. Fishermen are some of the most creative people I have ever met. High tech gadgets, tools an a variety of primitive fishing techniques passed down the family tree.

Some of the ways people fish for crappie are own right – hilarious. It’s especially funny when those crazy fishing methods actually work.

We have put all of the fishing information we have gathered over our time at the lake into this website. Its all completely free to read, use and learn from.

We will also be glad to upload your pictures, stories and advise for everyone else to use.

About The Site Authors

Now that you know what you will find on the Best Crappie website, let us tell you more about us. We are a 2 person team creating this site content. Actually we are husband and wife.

My husband’s home away from home is on the lake crappie fishing. I rarely go fishing with him, but I hear all of his stories EVERYDAY..

Being that I am a website designer, I decided to join my hubby in another marriage. So he does all of the research and fishing, while I handle the publishing and designing.

My husband has a passion for fishing while I have a passion for site building. This fishing website is a result of joining our interest.

Juan Best Crappie Juan From Best Crappie

While Juan will always enjoy the attention of strangers, I’m more of a private loving person. Our personalities are exact opposites. Its like he’s the “party animal” while I’m the “party pooper”. So there really wont be any images of me on the Best Crappie site. All of the images will be of Juan, his friends and his fish ect.